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Vision & Mission

Gravity 4.0 is a media start-up focusing on sets of niche issues, embedded in global relevance, and aims to break searing stories the mainstream legacy media would not focus upon. Its all-digital layout combines the strength of three widely used mediums; audio, visual, and literary, offering a profound exploration of cross-cutting concerns in the age of Industry 4.0. 

In essence, Gravity 4.0 advocates the coverage of ground-breaking and pressing issues affecting populations and our planet alike, ranging from the G7 economies or NATO member states to far across the smaller island nation of Panama or Bitcoin-famed El Salvador.

The start-up deploys nuanced approaches through critical analysis, rigorous investigative journalism, and innovative practices that push it out of the clutches of dominant commercial narratives and political interests.

Being a hyper-aware initiative, it strives to focus on impact, independence, and innovation.


Gravity 4.0 upholds the integrity of the principle of editorial independence - one of the key tenets of ethical journalism - by ensuring that editorial decisions are completely insulated and separated from commercial interests. 


The venture explicitly allows nothing to undermine its editorial integrity or any individual or entity that may exert influence and bias in reporting or publishing the story that intends to stay true to the facts. This indispensable principle of editorial integrity governs the intellectual ecosystem that further enriches the validity of the work and the moral perspectives of the initiative. 


At Gravity 4.0, the strict separation between the business and editorial is akin to the wall between the church and the state, which asserts that the reporting and coverage, by no means, is influenced by the monetary support it receives.


Gravity 4.0 is open to welcoming pitches and articles from experts and freelance contributors as long as the submission aligns with our mission. Therefore, we accept articles that adhere to the high standards of rationality and independence and are approved by the editors. Submissions must strive for accuracy and truth offering a novel argument, mostly surrounding issues underreported in the broader media realm. 


Whilst we generally publish articles in British English format with a word limit of 1000- to 1500-word, exceptionally we may also consider submissions beyond the stated range.


We strongly encourage authors to include reputable sources embedded as hyperlinks in the article to validate and corroborate assertions and facts.


Please submit your biography along with your social media links such as Twitter and LinkedIn (if possible) as part of the final submission to


Articles that are time-sensitive are preferred over others and are ideally published within three days from the date of submission.


If you value our work, consider supporting us. Your contribution goes a long way in ensuring that we continue to tell the stories of the overlooked, neglected, and unheard.


If you are interested in advertising on this website, please contact


To contact Gravity 4.0 for feedback or enquiry, please email us at

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